protect your asphalt from:
oxidation. chemicals.

Rain, U.V. rays, and chemicals on your asphalt will begin the degradation process of your asphalt. This will continue and create a surface that turns brittle. To reduce the effects of these elements, it is important to implement a driveway sealcoating program that utilizes Driveway Maintenance Inc to extend the life of your parking lot or residential driveway.

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Pennsylvania Sealcoating Services

The asphalt Institute recognizes the value of sealcoating. Sealcoating is a cost effective process used to maintain asphalt pavement. Renew your pavement appearance and maintain its original condition by protecting it from harmful exposure (moisture, oxudation and chemicals). Sealcoating can double the life of your asphalt and enhance the value of your property.

Sealed vs. Unsealed

Left untreaded, asphalt pavement will deteriorate rapidly. The asphalt binder that holds the pavement together begins to oxidize and weather soon after installation. Moisture penetrates the asphalt causing further damage and deterioration to the pavement.

What we do?

We do driveway sealcoating, including parking lots, resurfacing, paving and patchwork, crack filling and crack sealing, driveways, sealing, striping and many other services.

We provide seal coating services for residential and commercial buildings. We do seal coating to help maintain your driveway or parking lot. You will receive the absolute best service from our team and we tend to take every project as if it were our own property. Whether it is a large project like a parking lot or a small driveway of the house, our dedication and efforts will be similar.

Benefits of seal coating

Waterproof seal coating can help to maintain a good texture of coating, even in temperature variations.

Coating makes a surface highly durable and can undergo tough conditions.

Asphalt coating is affordable and a great option for making your driveway look great.

We are experts specializing in seal coating, Driveway Maintenance will do a professional job

Parking Lot Sealcoating

Parking Lot Sealcoating

We specialize in all types of commercial sealcoating services work in PA! We have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to get your project done right, on time, and on budget!
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Driveway Sealcoating

Driveway Sealcoating

We take pride in providing the best driveway sealcoating service and quality at the best price for your Montgomery County residential sealcoating project.
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line striping norristown, pa

Line Striping

Our line striping & pavement markings services include new layouts, repainting of parkinghandicap spaces, and Fire Lanes to meet your city/state regulations.
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